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We at Architectural Louvers has a full range of louvers from: Specialty Louvers, Drainable, Storm Blade, Weather Blade, Brick Vents, Special Shaped and Thin-line

Specialty Louvers: specialty louvers are designed to withstand severe weather conditions. In order to obtain Miami-Dade County certification, louvers must pass up to four standardized tests in which they are subjected to hurricane wind and rain conditions. These tests are known as Protocol and Application Standards, or PA's. PA-100(A) tests the louver's resistance to wind-driven rain penetration. PA-201 simulates the wind-driven debris that is often present during hurricanes. PA-202 tests the louver's ability to withstand high levels of static air pressure. Finally, PA-203 is a cyclic wind pressure test, which simulates the forces applied to a louver by repeated wind gusts.

 LSA6D45-DC louver meets standards PA-201, 202, and 203.

The LSA5CDD and LSA8CDD models are specialty louvers designed to eliminate water penetration in wind-driven rain conditions.

Drainable Blade Louvers:  drainable blade louvers feature a specially constructed edge gutter and downspout in each blade. Falling water is drained to the jambs, removing cascading water droplets from the air stream. These features, coupled with the louver's unique blade design, provide the industry's top draining performance. Drainable blades are highly recommended for use in applications where water penetration and air performance are most critical. drainable blade louvers allow very low water penetration with extremely high free area. These models have excellent rigidity, a feature that helps to minimize wind deflection.

Storm Blade Louvers:  storm resistant blade louvers feature specially constructed blades with a center weather baffle for optimum protection. Storm resistant louvers are generally used where water penetration and air performance are required but not critical.  storm blade louvers have excellent rigidity, which minimizes wind deflection

Weather Blade Louvers:
weather resistant blade louvers are manufactured with a clean, attractive design that provides good all-weather protection. The continuous blade presents uninterrupted horizontal lines, enhancing your architectural design. Weather-resistant blades are recommended in applications where water penetration and air performance are not critical

Brick Vents:
 brick vents are an economical option for ventilation in crawl spaces, hung ceilings, incinerator rooms, chimney flues, foundations, pipe spaces, and corridors. They can be used in both new and existing structures where a conventional louver would not be used. Brick vents are available in either extruded or cast aluminum with standard clear anodized finish. Non-standard finishes of bronze anodized and baked enamel are also available. Airline can provide ducts and/or dampers along with brick vents.

Special Shaped Louvers: In addition to their functional qualities, louvers also provide aesthetic value. Louvers complement and accentuate architectural features like arches and angular rooflines. Airline louvers are available in circular, semicircular, triangular, and other geometric shapes. These special shapes are available in stationary louver styles only

Thin-Line Louvers: thin-line louvers are commonly used with air conditioner (P.T.A.C.) units or for decorative architectural applications. These louvers provide high free area with limited weather protection. Thin-line louvers are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and frame options. They are fabricated from extruded aluminum for durability and easy handling.

We have provided a comparison chart some of the louvers we provide, please see below:


This comparison chart is to aid in cross referencing some of Louvers against other manufacturers models. These comparisons reflect similarities in frame depth and blade configuration (J-Blade, K-Blade or Drainable blade). Blade spacing, material gauges and blade angles may vary. Please check specified performance and construction to verify louvers selected are suitable for your specific project.

                                  Construction Specialties Ruskin Airolite
Specialty Louvers
Drainable Blade Louvers
LSA2D45 ELF-211D K6742
LSA4D38 4177, A4097, A4157 ELF-375DX, ELF-811DD K6774
LSA6D38 6177, A6097, A6157, A6155 ELF-6375DX K6776, K6846, K6856
Storm Blade Louvers
LSA2S45 2252 ELF211 T608
LSA4YSP 4190 ELF40Y K611
LSA4S38 ELF-81S-30 K630
LSA6S45 A6100 ELF6811S CB6386
Weather Blade Louvers
LSA150W45 1321 ELF15S T63815
LSA4W38 A4060 ELF375X K609HP
LSA6W38 ELF6375

Color Chart:
We provide three finish options: Kynar Painted, Baked Enamel and Anodized.
The color samples provided below are as close as possible to the actual colors. However, due to varying monitors and browsers colors may be modified. Samples of the actual finish are available upon request.

Kynar Painted Finish

K Bone White K Surrey Beige K Taupestone K Sandstone
K Brick Red K Slate Blue K Colonial Red K Royal Blue
K Patina Green K Seal Brown K Dark Bronze K Evergreen

Finish thickness 1.2 mils.
Trinar finishing of architectural metal building components is the key to creating elegance that endures. These coatings are based on Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 fluoropolymer finish, factory applied and oven baked, on aluminum, galvanized steel and zinc-aluminum alloy substrates. This combination produces a tough, flexible, strongly bonded finish-one with the exceptional formability to allow architectural expression in virtually any shape. All Trinar coatings are 70% formulations of Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 polyvinylidine fluoride resin. This fluoropolymer forms one of chemistry's stongest molecular bonds. It accounts for the exceptional durability of Trinar finishes.

These examples represent standard Trinar colors. Kynar XL, and custom-matched colors are available at additional cost.

"Trinar" is a registered trademark of Akzo Nobel Coatings, Inc.
"Kynar" is a registered trademark of Elf Atochem North America, Inc.
"Hylar 5000" is a registered trademark of Ausimont USA, Inc.

Baked Enamel Finish
This finish is designed for highly visible applications, which require a more cost-effective color match.

Lite Bronze
Medium Bronze
Dark Bronze
Off White
Gloss White
White Stone
Brick Red 1
Brick Red 3
Brick 5
Slate Gray
Medium Blue
Medium Green

Finish thickness 1.8 mils.
standard color finishes utilize the latest in powder coating technology. These finishes are formulated from polyester-urethane resins that, when cross-linked by oven curing, provide excellent adhesion and resistance to weathering, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical stain.

 Other colors and custom-matched colors are available in spray enamels at additional cost.

Anodized Finish
This finish is designed for situations where other anodized elements need to be matched closely.
Clear Light Bronze Medium Bronze Dark Bronze

All exposed surfaces of aluminum work shall receive an architectural anodized finish in conformance with Aluminum Association Designation AA-M10C22A21 for 204R1 clear, AA-M10C22A41 for 215 R1 clear, or AA-M10C22A44 for color anodize.

Clear Anodizing peroxides aluminum surfaces to provide a uniform satin finish that resists the natural oxidizing that would normally occur with mill finish aluminum. The 204R1 provides a .4 mil coating thickness and is normally used for normal weather exposure. When corrosive or abrasive atmospheric conditions exist, the 215R1 .7 mil coating is recommended.

Color Anodize provides a .7 mil protective coating with an electrolytic deposited color.

These color samples serve as a reference to identify the color selected. The appearance of an anodized finish is influenced by factors such as alloy, temper, gloss, surface structure, and color process. This should be taken into consideration if trying to match colors for other products on a project. Anodize colors will vary slightly form one batch to another.

These examples represent standard colors. Other colors are available at additional cost.

The color samples provided above are as close as possible to the actual colors. However, due to varying monitors and browsers colors may be modified. Samples of the actual finish are available upon request.

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